Rideau Hall Foundation

Rideau Hall Foundation

The advancement of Canadian pride and recognition of its heroes is not only a worthy goal but builds a greater nation. His Excellency’s legacy and his most outstanding service as Governor General will be served by this goal. I am proud to be a supporter of the Rideau Hall Foundation. We should strive to do more as Canadians to acknowledge and honour our heritage and heroes, which ultimately encourages Canadian pride.

- Don Taylor

The generosity of The Taylor Family Foundation established the Johnston Fund for Canada at the Rideau Hall Foundation as an enduring legacy of the mandate of the Right Honourable David Johnston, Canada’s 28th Governor General.

The Taylor Family Foundation gift is intended to advance Canadian pride in our country and to assist the Rideau Hall Foundation in moving the Canadian spirit forward by focusing on the future of our country, and responding to opportunities to extend philanthropy and giving; education and learning; innovation; and barn-raising approaches for Canadians to work together in the bettering of our country.

Key RHF achievements to date:

  • The RHF’s Learning Portfolio has leveraged $140M from a combination of private and public sector contributions to promote both equity and excellence of educational opportunities for all students. Our goal is to narrow the gaps in post-secondary access for all marginalized students in Canada by 2030.
  • The Queen Elizabeth Scholars Program is supporting 3,000 scholars through to 2022, with 44 Canadian universities participating in 59 countries.
  • Up to 1,000 Sovereign’s Medals for Volunteers can now be awarded per year in communities across the country, celebrating the spirit of the country and the “unsung heroes” who build stronger communities everyday.
  • The RHF Giving Portfolio has leveraged $15M in private sector funding to celebrate giving across Canada as a core value and to shed light on new approaches and findings in Canada’s giving culture.
  • 24 Governor General’s Innovation Awards have been awarded celebrating Canadian achievement in innovation at the highest level across every sector.
  • The inaugural annual Canadian Innovation Week brought together 10,000 participants at 18 events.
  • The RHF’s Innovation portfolio in total has leveraged $70M in public and private sector funding to support Canada’s culture of innovation in all regions of the country.
  • The Arctic Inspiration Prize has awarded more than $12M to 35 teams working to improve lives and conditions across Canada’s North.

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